FCT Swears in New Sharia Court of Appeal Judges


The FCT chief judge, Ishaq Bello, has sworn in three new judges of the Sharia court of appeal.

Mr Bello, who is also the chairman, FCT Judicial Committee, admonished the new judges to be sure to administer justice without fear or favour.

The new judges are Suraju Mohammed, principal Area Court judge; Abubakar Mahmoud, higher Area court; and Hassan Aliyu, Senior Area court judge 2.

He urged them to be conscious of the integrity of the justice system by doing what is right as stipulated by the tenets of Islam.

“You must be conscious of your personal integrity and the integrity of the institution by being conscious of who they are now ” he said.

Mr Bello further warned them to avoid many associations and be mindful of what they say, especially in public.

He said they should always consult Islamic books and also be wary of the press.

”Strive always to achieve the goal, should you be found wanting, you will shame not only the Grand Khadi but the entire FCT judiciary.

” It is our duty to protect you so that you can give your best ” he said.

Speaking on the challenges ahead of them, Mr Mohammed, who spoke on behalf of the others, said that influences from within and without would be the main challenge.

“I have been a magistrate for four years and I know some of these challenges especially issues of influence.

” If someone is determined that justice must be done, he should not allow any third party to influence his decision as a judge.

” Collecting money and whatever is something that is scaring, so once a judge is determined to stay away from these corrupt practices, he should try harder.

” He should make sure he does not engage himself in such because when he collects once he would want to continue which is damaging as far as his career is concerned” he said.


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