How Agi Anne Uruegi is Stimulating Nigerian Law Students’ Interest in Space Law


Anne Agi, Esq has been actively promoting awareness on the the fundamentals of international space law and policy in Nigeria by organizing webinars and lectures on this fascinating field of law, attending conferences and mentoring colleagues on Space law. She also encourages the study of space law for students and young lawyers interested in this field of law.

Anne went beyond promoting the awareness to actually commence mentoring of law students to develop interest in space law. Anne’s effort has began to yield result as students interest in this aspect of law has started growing tremendously.

She began her mentoring with law students of the University of Calabar and in October 2019, she led a team of students to represent Africa at the world finals of the Manfred Lachs Space Law competition. The Team which comprised of  Ebruka Nellyhelen Neji, Ushie Augustine and John Kaunda with with Ms Anne Uruegi Agi as Team Coach clinched the Best Oralist award and emerged as runners up of the competition at the NASA headquarters in Washington DC.

This year, on the 3rd of July 2020, Anne again led another Team of students to the 9th African Regional rounds of the Competition and out of several teams from Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Uganda, her team came 2nd place with the University of Pretoria emerging as winners for the regional rounds.

The team was made up of Ekanem Emmanuel, Eyo Emmanuel, Richard Felix-Uche as competing students and Nelly-Helen Ebruka, the team lead student for last year’s competition as student coach. Ms Anne Uruegi Agi, Esq was the Team Adviser for the competition.

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The Regional Rounds of the competition which was meant to hold in Pretoria, South Africa in May 2020 was cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic and was judged on the basis of Memorials (Written submissions).

The Manfred Lachs space law moot court competition is organised yearly by the International Institute of Space Law and is a simulation of a fictional dispute between different countries (also fictional) before the International Court of Justice. The facts of argument for the 2020 rounds was centred on a case concerning jurisdiction and control in outer space, space situational awareness and orbital debris.

Primarily the moot has the core objective of promoting interest and knowledge of space law through research and fair competitive environment.

It is expected that Anne would not only sustain this mentoring but also extend same beyond the boarders of UNICAL.

Congratulations to Anne Agi Esq and her team on the feat achieved.


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