Lagos Chief Judge Issues Directives on Magistrates Courts Resumption


 The Chief Judge of Lagos State Honourable Justice K. O Alogba has issued directives to Magistrates in the State on resumption of their judicial duties.

The directives which was signed by the Deputy Chief Registrar (Admin) Ikeja, Mrs. Omolade Awope directs Magistrates to deliver their pending judgments and rulings, hear overnight cases and desist from conducting hearing of both fresh and part-heard matters.

The Circular reads in part:

“I am directed by the Hon.   Chief Judge to inform Your Honours of the following.

  1. All magistrates on grades level  15 – 17 are to resume back at work and sit thrice weekly.
  2. All Magistrates  on grades level 13 – 14 are to resume back at work and sit twice weekly.
  3. Magistrates are also to proceed to deliver their pending Judgments/ Rulings.
  4.  Magistrates   are to prepare rosters for sittings of the Magistrates in their respective districts/sub-districts.
  5. Magistrates are to strictly comply with the covid-19 directives in respect of sittings.
  6. Only  urgent criminal    applications    and overnight criminal cases are to be heard for now.
  7. On no account must Your Honours  conduct fresh trials or part-trial,
  8. There will  be further directives  from the  Honourable   Chief  Judge  as  to when Courts can fully discharge  all other duties.”
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