My Letter to the NBA President was Leaked – Dr. Foluke Dada


The 2nd Vice President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Dr.  Foluke Dada has said that her letter to the NBA President expressing her displeasure at what she calls the “exclusion of members of the NBA Executives in the affairs of the Bar” was a private one which was leaked.

The letter titled  “MY CONCERN ON THE STATE OF THE 2020 ELECTIONS AND THE ABANDONMENT BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE NBA, PAUL USORO SAN OF THE NATIONAL OFFICERS IN THE SCHEME OF NBA AFFAIRS”  and first published by a foremost online legal news platform; “City Lawyer” had alleged amongst other things that the NBA President, has been running the affairs of the bar like a Sole Administrator.

“It is in line with the trust imposed, that as an officer, who observes throughout an almost two -year tenure that the affairs of the National body has been SOLELY stage-managed by you as a “Sole Administrator”, so to speak, and in addition, all affairs have been personally handled to the EXCLUSION of the members of the exco by you to the detriment of all. This is in clear assault to the intentions of the drafters of the Constitution of our great body, the Nigerian Bar Association.”

Dr. Dada also alleged that concerns being raised by some members of the Association regarding the integrity of the forthcoming election were not being addressed.

“As recently as yesterday, July 6th, 2020, members from across the Nation have been clamoring for the postponement of the 2020 National Elections for reasons varying from the lack of transparency, lack of a trust-worthy web platform secured to ensure the integrity of the elections, incomplete or unverifiable electoral list, verification difficulties etc. An embarrassing example of this is a situation where a name was listed as “Opening Balance” on an electoral list!!! The list goes on and on…

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Mr. President, what answer do you have for a concerned electorate at the Bar who seeks to understand:

The veracity of the information contained in the NBA database?

The security measures in place to ensure that the election is not compromised

The identity and the integrity of the organization working on the private data of members

The process or remedial measures in place for possible infractions or even crashes during the election”

Dr. Dada also accused Mr. Usoro of lack of care for her welfare especially during the covid-19 pandemic.

“In fact, it is bemusing that throughout the COVID-19 period, I, as your officer, did not receive ONE phone call or message to check the welfare, not to talk of working or suggesting or contributing to any Bar related issue from you!” the letter alleged.

The NBA President Mr. Usoro SAN when reached by DNL Legal & Style declined to make comment on the above allegations.


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