NBA 2020 Election: ECNBA’s Further Directives on Submission of Nomination Form by Aspirants

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In view of developing situations in the course of the Electoral process for the 2020 NBA National Elections, the ECNBA deems it necessary at this time to make further statements on the following issues:

  1. Submission of Nomination Forms

It would be recalled that the ECNBA in its Statement 002 had directed the submission of Nomination forms to be by reputable courier companies to ensure they are not tampered with in the process of delivery. The Committee has however received several complaints from some Aspirants of their inability to submit their nomination forms due to the non-functionality of courier companies in their locations. Consequent upon of these complaints and taking into consideration some of the suggestions proffered by the Aspirants, the ECNBA hereby revises the guideline on submission of completed Nomination forms as follows:

  1. All Completed Nomination forms (comprising ECNBA/01/2020 and ECNBA/02/2020) with accompanying documents should be submitted in hard copies to the NBA Secretariat in the manner directed in our previous statement, PROVIDED that where it proves impracticable for a prospective candidate to do so due to restrictions on movements and inter State travels, clean, clear copies of the said documents in pdf format may be submitted by the Aspirant to the Nigerian Bar Association in care of the General Secretary via email: The said email should be copied to and must be sent on or before the 29th day of May 2020. In addition to the foregoing, the prospective candidate is expected to deliver hard copies of the Nomination documents submitted via email to the NBA National Secretariat marked as directed and in sealed envelopes not later than the 5th day of June 2020.
  1. Completed Nomination Forms and accompanying documents must be sent in a single email and cannot be retrieved, substituted or replaced upon submission.
  2. No member is allowed to nominate or second the nomination of more than one (1) prospective candidate.
  3. Illegible soft copies of documents and unsealed hard copies would be rejected.
  1. Submission of Proof of Payment of Bar Dues
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The Committee has observed that contrary to the request and guidelines issued by the ECNBA, some NBA Branches have failed to submit their account statements or any proof of payment of Branch Dues by members on their list as at 31st March 2020. Such Branches are advised in the   interest of their members to comply with the guidelines as members with unconfirmed payments of Branch dues as at when due would not be eligible to vote in the elections.

The ECNBA commend the Branches that have so far complied with its guidelines in supplying all the required information    as we work towards actualizing a successful transition process.

Dated this 21st Day of May 2020




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