NBA 2020 Election: We are Not Conducting Any Survey – ECNBA


he attention of the ECNBA has been drawn to certain information making the round that the ECNBA and or the NBA commissioned a survey of members of the Association as to who their choice of the President of the Association is or should be. This, understandably, has caused some anxiety for some of our members. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

The ECNBA states categorically that it did not commission any person or body of persons to conduct any such inquiry or survey. The choice of who to vote for at the forthcoming elections is the absolute prerogative of our highly esteemed and respected members who can make their rational choices.Members are urged to disregard any such unscrupulous enquiry or survey as it has nothing to do with the ECNBA.

We advise those behind this scheme to desist at once as the Committee views such activity as disruptive. Any such person or persons are warned in their own interest to desist forthwith. The NBA is a professional body with cherished core values that drive our affairs. The ECNBA is committed to free, fair and credible elections and will not take kindly to any activity that would compromise this objective.

Dated this 1st day of July 2020.

Tawo E. Tawo SAN

Chairman, ECNBA

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