NBA 2020 Elections: Beware, We Deal Only with Branches on Correction of Irregularities – ECNBA Warns

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The Electoral Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association (ECNBA) has issued a warning to lawyers indicating that correction of irregularities on the voters register would be done through the various branch chairmen and secretaries.

The above warning according to the Secretary of the Electoral Committee, Mrs Cordelia Eke became necessary following a message by an unknown individual requesting for the details of those who have issues with their records on the voters register.

“My attention has been drawn to a post by one etsujenniffer@gmail asking people to send their corrections to her to follow up with the ECNBA. People should be informed that the ECNBA deals only with Branch Chairmen and Secretaries where need be on issues of corrections on the Voters Register. Colleagues should therefore beware of unknown persons requesting for their contact details.” Mrs. Eke stated.

The message being circulated by the unknown individual is requesting for members to forward complaints on their voters record to a named email address with details  including their full name, the complaint and evidence of payment of practising fees and branch dues

“Can everyone please go through the list to confirm that (a) his or her name is on it; and (b) the phone number, email address and other details indicated against your name are correct? 

If (a) your name is not on the list even though you paid your practising fees and branch dues before 31 March 2020; or (b) your name is on the list but your other details have been omitted or incorrectly indicated, please, make a note of the error or the omission and send and email to your Branch Chairman copying

If you do not have the email address of your Branch Chairman, send the email directly to and she will assist in following up and resolving the error or omission.

The email should include your full name (as appears on your call certificate); the complaint (missing name or incorrect details); and evidence of payment of practising fees and branch dues (in the case of missing names).”

Mrs. Eke  disclaims the message and warned electorates to be careful with the persons they forward their information to.

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It would be recalled that the ECNBA had earlier published an interim list of voters, urging electorates to verify their names on the list. See publication here


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