NBA National Elections: You Can’t Discount Regional Adoption – Steve Sun to Udemezue

Steve Sun

The issue of regional adoption as provided for in the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Constitution has continued to generate diverse views among interested parties at every NBA National election year. There seem to be no end at sight to this, as each side holds tenaciously to their  conviction on the propriety or not of regional adoption. Interestingly, even among members of the same regional affiliation, these contention continues to create heated debate.

A short while ago, Mr. Sylvester Udemezue had under the caption; “NBA National Elections: Three Logical Fallacies You Perpetuate When You Deny the Right of Outsiders to Comment on Issues Arising From a Regional “Adoption” complained about being asked by some members of the bar to stop commenting on issues relating to the adoption of a candidate by the Egbe Amofin Oodua for the forthcoming National Election.

The above complaint did not settle well with Mr. Steve Nwankwo, (popularly known as Steve Sun) who swiftly issued a rejoinder advising Mr. Udemezue among other things to stop fanning the embers of rancour and division in the Bar and

Read Mr Steve Sun’s rejoinder below:

I personally have never been a big fan of adoption.
I think it’s needless and uncalled-for (especially where an office has already been constitutionally zoned), not least in the new era of universal suffrage, established in 2015, under the Alegeh/Osigwe Administration.
High Chief Obegolu would bear witness to the fact that i raised such concerns in 2018 when the EBF sought to adopt #AOOSAN.

That being said, the bitter fact remains that #Egbé_Amòfin_Oòduà has adopted a particular candidate for the forthcoming NBA Presidential Election and they seem to be unshaken in their resolve, for good or for bad.
What i haven’t been able to understand is why Mr. Sylvester Udemezue is having a seizure over the said adoption, as if his life is dependent on it or something.

I have suggested in an earlier post that if a particular group adopts a candidate you do not support, nothing stops you from seeking and obtaining the adoption or endorsement of any other group.
I remember citing the example of Warri and Benin Branches adopting Mr. Olumide Akpata.

Why must someone vehemently continue to lose sleep over another person’s freewill decision?
Why must you continue to ceaselessly fan the embers of rancour and division in the Bar?
Why are you convulsing uncontrollably over spilled milk?

In your latest academic convulsion, you did reiterate your right to freedom of expression and your right to hold an opinion, yet you labour day and night to argue against the right of another entity to freedom of expression.
Yes i respect and defer to your freedom of expression; but it beats my imagination why you think that Egbé Amòfin does not deserve to exercise its own freedom of expression as it deems fit.
Respect they say, is reciprocal!


Unionism is all about SOLIDARITY; hence the popular union song “sooo-li-da-ri-ty for eeever.”

Now, pursuant to our CNBA, the SW will be saddled with the responsibility of leading the NBA for the next two years.
A leader must lead from the front and not from the back.

If for instance there is a repeat of the Onnoghen saga down the road and the NBA President calls for a Nation-wide courts boycott, you do not expect Branches in the SE or North to fire the first shots, rather they will only join the boycott in solidarity after the SW Branches have taken the lead. And if the President does not enjoy the wide support of the SW Branches, then such call for boycott may as well suffer the same fate as PUSAN’s call for boycott (which was rejected in many quarters) because charity must begin at/from home.
That is one of many examples why you cannot totally discount regional adoptions.

And then we must also remember that these Branch leaders did not give their blessing to Deacon Dele Adesina at gunpoint.

All in all, i still maintain that the true lovers of the NBA must shun unnecessary acrimony, even as we continue to strive to fashion out a less divisive way of selecting and/or electing Bar leadership.

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