Nigerian Law School Abolishes Conditional Pass in New Grading System


The Nigerian Law School has issued a new grading system which abolishes the conditional pass grade for Law school students.

In a circular signed by the DG Prof. Isah Hayatu SAN and circulated to the Students’ whatsapp and Telegram groups, unlike the old grading threshold which grades a 30-39 grade in one of the courses as “conditional pass”, the new grading threshold removed the conditional pass grade and allows a pass for a student who passes four out of the five courses and scores at least 35% in the fifty provided that such student’s cumulative score is not below 200 marks.

The new condonation grading system is detailed as follows:

Pass – 40% to 49% in four(4) Courses and between 35% to 39% in the fifth Course provided that the deficiency is not more than five (5) marks and is remedied. The cumulative score must not be below 200 marks

Second Class Lower Division –    Not less than 50% in four (4) Courses and between 40& to 49% in the fifth course. The cumulative score not to be below 250 marks

Second Class Upper Division –    Not less than 60% in four (4) Courses and between 40% to 59% in the fifth course. The Cumulative score is not below 300 marks

First Class Division –Not less than 70% in four (4) Courses and between 40% to 69% in the fifth Course provided the cumulative score is not less than 350 marks.

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