No Candidate has Been Granted Final Clearance – ECNBA Warns


The Electoral Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association (ECNBA) has warned aspirants to shun any form of unwholesome desperation and disregard for the election guidelines as candidates have not yet been given final clearance.

The above warning was issued by the ECNBA in its Statement No.009. The warning stated:

“The ECNBA is closely monitoring and observing the activities and conduct of the aspirants and their supporters regarding the constitutional prohibition of certain forms of campaigns as contained in the ECNBA Guidelines for the 2020 NBA Elections. We advise the aspirants and their supporters to desist from any form of unwholesome desperation and the seeming penchant to deride or disregard the election guidelines as any violation shall attract appropriate sanctions. NOTE no aspirant or candidate has been granted final clearance to contest the elections.”

The Statement No. 009 which also announced the postponement of the election by a few days noted that same became necessary as a result of non cooperative attitude of some NBA branches.

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