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The recently introduced E-PROBATE  system has simplified the process of obtaining letters of Administrators /grant of probate. It has enabled the ease of tracking missing files, speeds up work process with the phone or email notification on the stages of all process at all time  during the process.

  1. Sign up using your user name and enter your password
  2. Scan and upload all document (as guided)
  3. Ensure all information are appropriately filled before you click on the submit button (Note you will be given reasonable period of at least 3 months within which to accurately fill in the necessary information. Once you click on the submit button, no alteration or addition will be allowed).
  4. Click on your preferred payment option (Ensure to print out your invoice)
  5. Download Forms and submit at the probate Registry or alternatively obtain probate form for N2000 from the Probate registry.
  6. Once payment has been made the bank certificate will be issued at the registry. This certificate is to be taken to the bank for necessary endorsement (bank draft) or alternatively probate form can be taken to the bank /Insurance house etc to change to bank draft.
  7. Take the bank draft to the registry for acknowledgment
  8. After acknowledgment, the estate of the deceased will be evaluated and assessed
  9. After assessments, the Estate will be charged to pay an Estate fee.  The estate fee will be calculated at the following rate:
  • 10% of total sum of money in the bank and pension owned by the deceased
  • 25% of all property of the deceased.
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10. Upon payment of the Estate fee, the administrators or executors are to produce two sureties for interview

11. The requirement of the sureties  will depend on the assessed amount

i. If the assessed amount is below N 200,000.00, the administrators can stand as sureties

ii. If the assessed  amount is N500,000.00 – N 1,500,000.00 the requirements are

  • Two survey plan
  • Statement of account not exceeding six months
  • A valid means of identification

iii. If the assessed amount is N2,000,000.00 and above, the requirement are

  • Two C of O or a deed of assignment
  • Statement of account not exceeding six months
  • A valid means of identification


  • One survey plan
  • A level 13 officer or above evidencing his appointment letter and a valid means of identification.

12. After this stage is the publication stage, a fee of N5,800 is to be paid into the account details below for publication on the nations newspaper.

  • Bank –First Bank

Account Name – Chief Registrar

Account number – 2024598299

  • Submit your teller at the probate registry once payment is made

13 After publication, applicant will wait for a period of 21 working days excluding public holidays.

14. The file will then proceed to minute and order for a probate judge to access the file.

15 Then a final grant will be issued

In conclusion, there is no stipulated time frame for the process to be concluded, however, an average time frame for the conclusion of the process is within 3-4 months from the date of application.

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