Successful Lawyer: Taking Advantage of Covid-19 – Tosin Ajose Popoola


So, the Covid-19 (Pandemic) happened on us. No one prepared for it and due to our unpreparedness, young lawyers who are solely dependent on litigation (court appearances), writing letters for clients, engaging in CAC runs, amongst other little briefs have suffered the most.

The suffering and hardship is obvious, the Courts are shut down so that means no more Appearance Fees, the Headquarters of the Corporate Affairs Commission has been shut down and was in fact razed up in fires few days ago. These are indeed trying times…and more trying for young lawyers who have remained the conventional lawyer.

Apparently, this Pandemic brought the world to her knees, crumbling and shattering economies of the world and leaving people with barely enough to get by. Accordingly, and as expected people are more concerned with basic needs of life and food tops the list. Apart from the basic needs of life, to curb the Pandemic, States and Countries are shutting down, hence people are home and they must of course look for a way to stay sane amidst this crisis. This accounts for the increase in revenue of IT companies. People are using up more data and surfing the internet, more than they have ever done. Still on my list, food and of course technology with its various perks such as social media and the likes are on the list. Payment of professional fee for the conventional legal services is not on that list. The regular clients who would have done one or two Agreements (Land Sale Agreement, Partnership Agreement) are on survival mode. Priority all over the world is survival, to this end all available resources are going into feeding, drugs and just staying alive and sane (don’t forget that to stay sane during this period, people are running to the internet).

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In all of these uncertain times, some persons, entities and professionals are benefitting tremendously from this Pandemic, while the conventional lawyer is praying and fasting that the lockdown be lifted so that he can start earning his usual stipends. What a way to live!

I forgot, some even do perfection of mortgages and the likes at the Ministry of Lands, wait for it the Ministries have been shut down too.
This brings me to the issue at hand, you’re a conventional lawyer, in your estimation you’re smart and doing well. But alas, this Pandemic has shown you, that you’re not doing well at all…and you need to do more.
What if I told you that some lawyers like yourself, who understand the power of technology and its capabilities are not feeling the economic impact of the Pandemic, without intending to exaggerate; they are not feeling it as much as you are. These are lawyers who prior to this Pandemic have utilized technology to gain, while channeling their inbuilt skills as lawyers to same.
This is it, because people are locked down, they have run to the internet, what’s on the internet? There is a lawyer with a vlog creating contents from her study and making profit while the lockdown is ongoing; there is a lawyer writing and publishing these write ups to either acquire clients (who will definitely come after the Pandemic) or to just simply stay sane and healthy (remember that good health translates to wealth) there is the lawyer who has become a blogger, writing daily and making money off it. There is the lawyer organizing paid webinars vide Zoom; while YOU! the conventional lawyer is the consumer of these services and/or products.
These are not conventional lawyers; these are lawyers who understand the power of technology.

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Let me break it down further, there is a lock down, which means people are now indoors and are more likely to consume contents (online contents) so why not utilize that writing skills you have mastered so well vide brief writing and drafting of pleadings? Why not step out of the conventions? It won’t harm!
There are a lot of Blogging site that would pay for your write ups, reach out.
You have obtained certification in an area of law but have never gotten a brief to show your expertise, why not do a write up on that area of law, this is an opportunity to show the world and the industry your abilities, blow your trumpets. Who knows, even if you don’t profit from the Pandemic (now) you may have sown seeds during this Pandemic which will lead to great harvest after the Pandemic.
Dear conventional lawyer, it’s time to look inwards, what can you do as a professional to remain relevant in a time like this and profit while at it?

If you got the answer let’s talk in the comment section!

Tosin is a Lawyer, Content Creator and Blogger she practices in Ibadan, Oyo State.


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