Suleja 250-Inmate Prisons House 748 Adults, Children, Says ACG

Prison inmates

The Assistant Controller of Corrections, Abdurrahman Musa, has said the Suleja Medium Security Custodial Centre, Niger State, with capacity for 250 inmates is currently holding 748 persons.

Musa, who is in charge of the facility, explained that some of the female inmates also had children who required special care.

Speaking while receiving donations from a non-governmental organisation, the Women of Glory Foundation, on Tuesday, the ACC solicited support from other philanthropic groups, noting that the inmates needed toiletries and other basic items.

Musa stated, “The facility initially was holding 250 inmates, but today, we have 748 persons in the cells. With this number, we need a lot of things to serve them. So, we are in need of beddings like mattresses, bedsheets, mats and blankets. Also, we need toiletries like soaps and disinfectants.

“For the female wing, we need diapers because they have children. We are also soliciting assistance from the other NGOs. The Women of Glory Foundation has done a good job, but we need more support and assistance.”

The President, Women of Glory Foundation, Mrs Cynthia Okoye, said the organization, which was founded in 2016, was set up to empower women and the vulnerable in the society.

She disclosed that the group had reached out to a lot of indigent women, adding that the donation to the Suleja custodial facility was in fulfilment of the pledge made in 2018 during a fellowship with the prison Christian ministry.

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