AAL Forum to Tackle ‘Law Firm Billing’ at Its 5th Roundtable Holding Dec. 15


Billing is critical to the success of legal practice. Yet law firm billing, including chasing down payments is one of the most tedious and least understood aspects of legal practice. With this in mind, Ask a Lawyer Forum (pioneer legal knowledge sharing forum), tackles Billing at its end of year Conference tagged “The AAL Legal Roundtable”.

Founded on 23rd April, 2016, Ask a Lawyer’s core aims are

(a) Sharing knowledge in building enduring professional ties,

(b) Driving professional development towards excellence in Legal Practice and

(c) Supporting the community in public interest advocacy.

At this year’s Question Time Roundtable Conference, members and invited guests will address the following sub-topics and questions –

  1. What is Billable?
  2. Over Billing and Ethical Considerations
  3. Billable Hours & Alternative Billing Arrangements
  4. Who to Bill for and Billing Rates?
  5. Time Keeping & Expense Tracking
  6. Timesheet Structure & Completing Billing Timesheets
  7. Billing services (Biller)
  8. Billing and Order for Costs in Litigation
  9. Litigation Insurance

Scheduled for Wednesday 15th December, 2021 from 9.30 am to 2pm, this year’s Roundtable will be beamed live on the Zoom and Facebook platforms.

AAL on Facebook: https://tinyurl.com/Ask-a-Lawyer-Nigeria

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