Covid-19: Lagos Judiciary Issues New Restrictions to Check Second Wave


The Lagos State Judiciary has issued new restrictions on Court attendance to staff of the various courts in the State in an effort to reduce the spread of the second wave of the novel corona virus. The new restrictions issued on 15th January, 2021 is in line with the directives of the head of service of state public service,

The circular restricts attendance to the High Court to; the Judge and and the following support staff – Secretary, Legal Registrar, Court Clerk and Recorder.

Magistrate Courts are restricted to only the Chief Magistrate on grade level 15 and above, with their legal registrars and court clerks.

All Chief Registrar and Deputy Chief Registrar, shall be in attendance throughout the week, with the secretary and one other staff on a rotational basis except the chief registrar who shall have two officers in attendance.

All Deputy Chief Registrars (DCRs), Heads of Departments (HoDs), Sectional and Unit Heads (HOUs) would be at work.” the circular reads.

The Heads of Litigation, Probate, and Deputy Sheriff Sections, are to resume work along with their ACRs and two (2) staff members to be in attendance twice a week while ACRs outside the Ikeja and Lagos divisions are required to work with only one sheriff corp on daily basis.

The appellate section of the work will operate with the ACRs and 2 officers weekly, also the Heads of Valuation, Budget & Planning, Public Affairs, Internal Audit, as well as the Procurement Units will have a staff with them daily on a rotational basis, that of the fast track section of the court will have two officers on a daily basis.

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The director of accounts, the chief accountant and two (rotational) staff are expected to also be in attendance at the

The Admin & HR department will have its responsibilities rotated daily from amongst the heads of its units together with an officer in attendance, whereas the director of the department will daily attend to work with two officers.

Courts are to sit only three times in a week, between Monday to Thursday at the discretion of the Hon. Judges and the Chief Magistrates respectively.

Only officers on duty for a particular day will be allowed into the premises with strict adherence to the Covid protocol as prescribed by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control along with the official pass


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