Heartwarming Video: Charles Osuji Crowned “Best Boss Ever” by His Employees


Remember Charles Osuji? The Nigerian Born  and trained Canadian Lawyer who was voted one of the Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers in Canada in 2020? (Read here)

He is also the owner of Osuji & Smith Lawyers,  a thriving law firm in Calgary Alberta, Canada. His employees have once again crowned him  the “Best Boss Ever.”

Charles shared the heart warming story across his social media handles and wrote:

The most meaningful “award” so far! My heart is full. Yesterday, my extremely kind staff and colleagues at Osuji & Smith Lawyers surprised me with this heartwarming artwork and crowned me the “best boss ever” with inscriptions that pretty much define me (I was quietly choking inside 😃). Frankly, this is probably more meaningful than the external accolades I have received so far. Being a student/employee myself in the firm not long ago, and being an employment lawyer, I have witnessed first hand that it is very easy to follow a leader who is authentic, kind, genuine and deeply concerned with the success of those that look up to them while, at the same time, fostering a work environment where every staff member truly matters. In turn, you get an amazing group of people who pour their heart and soul into your business every day and simply wish to see you succeed. You are a leader by what you do and not by your position. You harvest what you sow. This is fulfilling! Thank you Amanda Ovaici Nitin Kumar Srivastava B.A., LL.B., LL.M. Roger Zhang, J.D. Calista Nwangene-Nwaiwu Claire Lee Justin Kwon Anthony Agun (Jnr) Abidemi Toyon and the rest of the team! Here is to greater things we will achieve together in the future! 

Watch video here

Keep soaring! We are here  rooting for you, our own Charles

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