“I Didn’t Finish Secondary School at 13” New Wig, Esther Nwadike Sets Record Straight on


Miss Esther Ebubenna Nwadike was in the news yesterday with headlines suggesting that she went to India at the age of 13 to study law after she was denied admission at the Abia State University Uturu for being too young to enter the University in Nigeria.

Miss Nwadike  who was also wrongly referred to as Esther Chukwuemeka stated in a video broadcast that; she gained admission at the age of 16 at the Abia State University Uturu to study political science and letter withdrew to travel to India on the advise of her Director.

She also stated that she gained admission to study law in India at 17 and is currently 24 years old and not 20 years old as wrongly insinuated:

Read her:

“My name is Esther Ebubenna Nwadike or you can call me barrister Esther Ebubenna Nwadike. I really thank God for the journey thus far. I thank God for bringing me to this point. I really appreciate everyone that has reached me online and all the platforms. I really can’t reach out to all of you but I am so thankful. I’d like to tell everyone that okay, it’s been God all the way, I am the little girl helped by God. But I started my journey into the secondary school at the age of 9 and completed the journey at the age of 15 not 13 years contrary to what is out there online.

Also, I got admission to study political science in Abia State University Uturu at the age of 16 or so. That was after I couldn’t get in immediately. So, I applied to study law but I got political science. I did start but during the process my Director suggested to my parents that we work my admission to study law in India which my parents considered and we pursued the entire process and that was how I left to study law in India at the age of 17. I had to start all over again. I had already spent one year in ABSU so I had to start all over again from first year in India. I spent five years in India and came back to Nigeria in 2019 for my Bar Part 1

I would really like to apologize for the false information out there. It wasn’t intended to mislead the public. It was a congratulatory message that was put out there out of excitement. I also thank the person that put it out there however it just happened that the facts are not entirely correct.

So, thank you every one I appreciate everything. I am still your small little Esther the small little girl that looks 15 18 however I am not 20 years, I am 24 although I may look 18 15.

Thank you so much.”

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