Judiciary Will Not Rest Until Corruption is Stamped Out of Nigeria – CJN


The Chief Justice of Nigeria, Tanko Mohammed has vowed that the judiciary would not rest on its oars until corruption is stamped out of the country.

The CJN said this on Tuesday during the third National Summit on Diminishing Corruption in the Public Sector in Abuja, the nation’s capital.

According to him, between 2020/2021, over 756 corrupt cases were handled in the country.

He also added that from January to November this year, 1,144 suspects were convicted of various corruption offences and financial crimes including hundreds of millions of cash forfeitures, alongside eight aircraft, seven fuel stations among others.

He further noted that for any nation to prosper, the judiciary must remain independent and insulated from interference (financial or otherwise).

The CJN earlier in November made a call for judges to rise to the challenge and restore public confidence in Nigerians.

He said the judges must dispense justice without fear or favour and in line with the knowledge and understanding of the law.

Mohammed also urged judges in the country to desist from giving incessant ex-parte orders in order not to project the judiciary in a bad light.


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