LawPavilion Double Advantage Promo: Get Free WhatsApp License on Every Products


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Vroom Vroom📱. So I checked my notification and it was a string of messages from a friend,

“Timi. I need your help. Boss-man asked me to prepare a brief to be submitted today and I need authorities!
It is too late to hit the law reports.
Save me abeg. Make I no see shame please.
Which of those your company products can I use fast fast??”

I smiled and sent her the link to subscribe to LawPavilion on WhatsApp.

Just as I said in one of our articles, (psst…you can read it here, that thing called SHAME is always lurking around the corner for the unprepared.

You can always stay prepared by having with you a tool that ensures you have your library of authorities on the go. LawPavilion on WhatsApp on WhatsApp is that tool for you.

Let me wow you further. Starting this Workers Day, LawPavilion brings you the Double Advantage Promo where you can get a free LawPavilion on WhatsApp license with every of our products that you buy. Get on this fast.

See flyer below to know how to get the promo.

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