Lessons Nigeria, Others can Learn from George Floyd Murder Trial – Jonathan


Nigeria’s former President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan says Nigeria and other nations could learn some useful lessons from George Floyd murder trial.

Jonathan hailed the verdict entered against former United States police officer Derek Chauvin, stating that it brings a sense of closure to the floyd family and relief to the larger global society.

Jonathan who stated this in a statement titled ‘May The Verdict in The George Floyd Trial Be The Healing Balm The World Needs’ also urged leaders “to be inspired by this verdict to take steps to ensure that policing is done with a human face”, adding that it has lessons for the whole world, and not just the United States of America.

The former President said: “I received the verdict in the George Floyd murder trial with a sense of relief. Relief that a family and a community, and indeed the whole world, can now have a sense of closure that allows for healing.

“The guilty verdict entered against Derek Chauvin may not bring George Floyd back to life. However, it does achieve something.”

He added that the verdict had posthumously transformed the late Mr. Floyd from a victim to a victor. “A victor for the cause to make every life matter before the law and officers of the law,” he said.

He said further: “Nations around the world must see this as a turning point. Every country ought to be inspired by this verdict to take steps to ensure that policing is done with a human face.

“Law and order can coexist with respect for the dignity of human life. And to engender this, we must ensure that those who enforce the law, must respect those for whom the law was made.

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“My family and I, as well as the Goodluck Jonathan Foundation, send our best wishes to the family of George Floyd in America, and to the families of those who have endured similar treatments in Nigeria.

“And I encourage those at leadership levels in all nations, to make use of this holy month of Ramadan, to bring people of all races, religions and regions together, and promote peaceful coexistence between law enforcement agencies and the communities they police.”

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