Let’s Have 1960 or 1963 Constitution Before 2023 Elections — Afe Babalola


Elder statesman, icon of the legal profession and university entrepreneur, Aare Afe Babalola, SAN, is an engaging personality; an enigma of sorts. A nonagenarian, there are not many in his age belt that enjoy the kind of health he enjoys.

He remains  spry, mentally alert, and does not wear eye-glasses. He made points and buttressed them with references from books and journals which he brought out and read without glasses.  In the public domain, he is known to be 92, with an October 30, 1929 birth date. But Aare Babalola, in all probability, is older than that.

“You see, by 1937 when I enrolled in primary school, I could already do 200 yam heaps on my father’s farm. I do not think an eight-year old could do that. The age is more than that,” he said. A self-made man, Chief Babalola did not get formal education beyond the primary level, but strove to self-educate himself, eventually earning degrees, first in Economics, and later, Law.

In the first part of this interview below, he assessed the state of the nation, gave an insight to what is responsible for the growing divide between the North and the South, what is best for Nigeria between secession and restructuring, assessment of former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s tenure and his position on Yoruba Nation agitators.

He also canvassed the position that Nigeria should have a new constitution before the 2023 election, adding that what should be done is replace the constitution in use now with the 1960 or 1963 Republican Constitution, insisting that the National Assembly is wasting time and resources in its bid to amend the constitution.

Nigeria is challenged on many fronts. What’s your advice for our leaders and followers, especially the youths?

The problem we have is that people do not appreciate that there was no Nigeria until 1884 when the Europeans who described Africa as a dark continent met in Berlin to partition Africa among themselves for their selfish interests without consulting them.


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