NBA Partners LawPavilion for Free Subscription for Young Lawyers, Discounted Rates for Others


* NBA to pay over N60 million annual subscription fees for LawPavilion Primsol.

*Discounted rates on a graduating scale for Senior Lawyers

The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) has entered into a partnership with LawPavilion for the provision of an efficient legal research tool (“Primsol”) to all members of the Association,

Young lawyers of between 1 to 7 years post call who paid their Bar Practising Fees on or before 31 March, 2021 shall have free subscription while senior lawyers shall have their subcription at a discount rates on a graduating scale.

According to the President of the NBA, Mr. Olumide Akpata, the above will cost over N60 million in annual subscription per annum.

The statement of the President regarding the above is published below in part:

As part of the efforts of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) towards enhancing legal research by, and the overall practice of, its members, the NBA has concluded a partnership with Law Pavilion under which the NBA will pay the Law Pavilion one year subscription fee for the provision of an efficient legal research tool (“Primsol”) to all members of the Association who are between 1 to 7 years post call (“Young Lawyers”) and who paid their Bar Practising Fees on or before 31 March, 2021.

In a similar vein, the NBA has negotiated highly discounted rates on a graduating scale for lawyers of 8 years and above (“Senior Lawyers”) depending on their year of call.  Lawyers who fall into this category and who wish to benefit from this arrangement can indicate their interest by signing up on the Primsol portal (here) that has been set up on the NBA website for this purpose.  Such interest should be indicated no later than 6 October 2021.

The benefits of the Primsol subscription to members include:

62 Years Consolidated Index of Supreme Court and Court of Appeal Judgments;

Supreme Court Cases & Court of Appeal Cases from 1960 till Date;

Legal Analytics: Identifies locus classicus, conflicts & exceptions, oldest and latest authorities on any issue of law Laws of the Federation, Annotated with Relevant Cases;

Civil Procedure Rules of the Courts;

Regulations, Rules and Guidelines of MDAs and Regulatory Bodies;

Precedent Forms and Agreements Templates with Insight Notes;

Court Forms with Pre-Filled Samples and Insight Notes;

Arbitration Rules;

Commercial Judgments of Federal High Court and State High Courts;

National Industrial Court Judgments;

Tax Appeal Tribunal Judgments;

Words in Gold: Special Compilation of Pronouncements of each Justice of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal;

WhatsApp Integration – Ability to access Law Reports and conduct Legal;

Research via WhatsApp.

 The discounted rates as negotiated for Senior Lawyers are as follows:

8-15 Years Post call – N3,000 (Three Thousand Naira Only)

16-30 Years Post Call – N10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira Only)

31 – 40 Years Post Call – N15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Naira Only)

41 Years and above + SAN – N25,000 (Twenty-Five Thousand Naira Only)

My team and I recognise the importance of legal research and easy access to legal resources for our members and that was why we took the decision to enter into this arrangement with Law Pavilion, and to pay over N60 million in annual subscription fees for our Young Lawyers, while negotiating subsidised rates for our Senior Lawyers.  As I have often said, the NBA under my watch will continue to add value to members in different ways and ensure that their fees to the Association are applied to purposes that are beneficial to them as individuals and to their careers.  It is my hope that at the end of our administration, members will no longer ask the question, what has the NBA done, or what does the NBA do for me?

Kindly note that the partnership with Law Pavilion will become operational on Monday 23rd August 2021. To activate your package, please click HERE
 for a step-by-step approach. For any inquiries or complaints, kindly send an e-mail to


Nigerian Bar Association

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