Poetic Side: SUSPENDED – Bolaji Ramos


[Musings on the JUSUN Strike]

Justice rushed,
Justice crushed.
How do I qualify
Justice suspended?

Judicial time extended
Quality time expended
For their Lordships now
To rock couches at home.

Litigators lamed,
Their chambers maimed
No briefs on office tables,
No bread on dining tables.

Interim goes perpetual
Executory turns declaratory
Mareva fails to do the usual
Till assets become nugatory.

Judgment creditors stuck
No garnishee to pay buck.
Debtor’s accounts sucked
Till nothing to be plucked.

Actus reus not proved
Mens rea not roofed
But no Niki-Tobi around
To acquit and discharge.

Affidavit of urgency
What urgency can it solve,
When my Lords and Ladies
Are now caged at home?

Justice rushed is
Justice crushed.
But how do I define
Justice suspended?

–Bolaji S. Ramos

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