Professor of Industrial Law, Egerton Uvieghara Passes On

Late Prof. Egerton Uvieghara

Erudite Professor of Industrial and commercial law Prof. Egerton Uvieghara is dead. He died at the age of 84.

Born in 1937, Professor Uvieghara was an outstanding intellectual,  a retired lecturer at the University of Lagos, former Chairman of the Governing Board of the Nigerian Copyright Commission and former Commissioner at the Nigerian Law Reform Commission.

The author of one of the foremost labour law book “Labour Law in Nigeria”, he was described as the doyen of Labour law in Nigeria.

 Mr. Wahab Shittu in a tribute  described the Late Prof as “the Oracle of Industrial law who was noticed by the legal community for his expertise without any shadow of doubt.”

In his words:

“Prof impacted his world without noise.
He simply discharged his divine duties almost like evangelism without expecting any favours, or compliments from anyone.

Prof would walk the Faculty staircase innocently like an ordinary man not expecting anyone to accord him any special recognition. If you greeted him, he responded with civility and decorum. If you refused to greet him, he never took notice. He was simply in his own world. He never held grudges. He simply lived his life without bitterness against anyone. That was Prof for you. Never betrayed anyone. Never victimized anyone.

But took scholarship seriously. He took his duties as a seasoned academic seriously. He operated quietly but efficiently and effectively.

Prof was an example of the truism that one can attain lofty heights in life without noise, without needless cravings for publicity. Prof’s works spoke for him and will forever speak for him.

He was a serious minded academic comparable in standards and reputations to the best in his field.

He was the Oracle of Industrial law and the legal community took notice of his expertise without any shadow of doubt.

Prof was kind. Very kind. Prof was warm. Very warm. Prof was simple. Very simple. Prof was humble. Very humble. Prof was knowledgeable. Very knowledgeable. Prof was deep. Very deep. Prof was a scholar. An extraordinary scholar.

Prof made impact. Extraordinary impact. Prof impacted his world.
His earthly loss, is heaven’s gain.

In the obituary announcement by his family, Prof. Egerton Uvieghara’s funeral service would would hold on the 9th of September, 2021 at Hendon Cemetery and Crematorium Chapel Holders Hill London.

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