Senior Lawyers Laud the Launching of ‘Modern Weekly Law Reports’


Senior Lawyers, law teachers and other dignitaries have unveiled a new law report titled the Modern Weekly Law Reports (MWLR).

Published by Doyen Law Publishers Ltd, the MWLR is a weekly law report focusing exclusively on Appellate Court decisions.

The Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Doyin Awoyale, who heads Doyen Law Publishers’ Editorial Board, said he is determined to sustain the MWLR as the best law report in the country, and to make it affordable and easily accessible to all Lawyers, hence the N1500 price tag.
MWLR has monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual subscription plans, with a digital edition in the offing.

Law lecturer at Redeemers University in Osun State, Prof Bukola Akinola, who is one of the Editors of the Modern Weekly Law Reports, lauded its strong Editorial Board, which includes Senior Advocates of Nigeria.

He said: “I know a learned Silk already booking for 10 years’ subscription of the Modern Weekly Law Reports.

“The cases are properly numbered, the names of the parties are properly spelt out, Coram (presiding Judges on a Panel), and their roles, the suit, appeal numbers are properly disseminated, the date decided, etc.

“Areas of law touched by the cases and summary of issues raised therein, issues for determination, the facts, the holdings and ratios are properly paragraphed and indexed and paginated. MWLR conforms to the radical law reporting of the Indian order of legal reports”.
Managing Partner at Abdullahi Ibrahim & Co, Adetunji Oyeyipo, SAN, expressed confidence in Dr Awoyale’s ability to make the book stand out, despite competition.

“For those of us who know Doyin, he’s a Lawyer and an academic. He portrays the profile of a bundle of controlled energy.

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“He has an unquenchable thirst for intellectual development, and he still retains energy to engage in rigorous practice. Where he gets his energy from, remains a mystery to me.

“Doyin has brought to reality another dream of his, by publishing the first volume of the Modern Weekly Law Reports. It contains decisions of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal, being the two most senior courts in Nigeria.

“The summary of each decision is expressed in easy to follow language, and it goes to the essence of the decision in the case reported. So, if you have any pronouncement of the Supreme Court in your favour in any case, you can be almost sure that you have won that case”, he said.

Founding Partner at AELEX, Fubara Anga, SAN, also endorsed the Law Report. He said: “Doyin’s life should be a metaphor for the art of the possible, the art of what can happen if you ignore all the negative things and say ‘I will just focus on the positives’.

“He started his law practice in Calabar, worked in a company, and started his own firm. In the intervening period, would drive to Ibadan for a Masters’, would drive to Awka for a PhD.

“In the middle of all this, he had the wisdom to think about contributing to our profession by birthing, through a special purpose vehicle, the Modern Weekly Law Reports. It’s an example of what is possible if you put your mind to it.”


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