Sokoto State Governor Signs Security Challenges Containment Order

  • Bans sale of petrol  in jerrycans  at filling stations 
  • Prohibits Transportation of firewood  from the  forests 

Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal of Sokoto State has signed an Order which is aimed at curtailing banditry in the state.

The Order which may be cited as the Security Challenges (containment) Order and which takes effect immediately contains 10 prohibited activities across the state.


Government of Sokoto State


WHEREAS some parts of Sokoto State has been bedeviled   by insecurity as a result   of armed   banditry    which   has led   to huge loss   of lives and properties and has also undermined free movement of people, goods and services in the affected areas;

WHEREAS, Sokoto State Government has been taking measures to combat insecurity   both kinetic and non-kinetic   as well as provision of care and relief to victims of banditry   attacks daily.

WHEREAS. Sokoto State has made Wide consultation   with all Stakeholders and constituted   authorities as well security and law enforcement agencies on the   need   to introduce   additional    countervailing    measures    in   the affected areas in order to contain the banditry and mitigate the damages it is causing to social and economic activities and preserve peace.

WHEREAS it ls necessary and expedient to make an order forthwith to deal with the current security   challenges   without   prejudice   to any detailed order which may be effected in respect of any such challenges   or other related challenge that will arise anytime hereafter:

AND WHEREAS it is necessary and expedient to make an Order to deal with such challenges.;

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NOW THEREFORE, T, Rt.  Bon. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal CFR, (Murawullen Sokoto), Governor   of Sokoto State in the exercise of powers conferred upon me by the Subsection (2) of Section  176  of the Constitution of the  Federal Republic   of  Nigeria   1999   as  amended,  Section   15   of  Peace Preservation  Law Cap. 104, of Sokoto  State  1996 as amended    and all other  powers enabling  me on that behalf.  do hereby make the  following Order:

  1. This Order may be cited as the Security Challenges (containment) Order and shall come into force with immediate effect.
  1. Immediate  total  closure of Isa –  Mnmona  Road to all motorists  until further notice. Travelers plying that road are advised 10 go through Goronyo-Snbon Bimi axis.
  1. Lorries/Trucks or other vehicles  carrying  firewood  from the  forests is hereby prohibited;
  1. Suspension of the sale  of all animals at the markets ofGada,  Goronyo, Gudu,   lllela,    Isa,  Kebbe,   Sabon   Blrnl,   Shagarl,   Rabah Tambuwal Tangaza, Tureta  and Wumo  Local Governments   Areas;
  1. Prohibition of  transportation   of  cattle  using trucks/lorries   in  Gade, Goronyo,  Gudu,  lllela,   Isa,   Kebbe  ,  Sabon   Birnl,  Shagari,  Rabah Tambuwal  Tangaza, Tureta  and Wurno  Local Governments  Areas;
  1. Prohibition  of  carrying  3  persons  on  motorcycles   and  more  than  3 passengers on a tricycle throughout the State;
  1. Prohibition of the sale of second-hand motorcycles  al   Gade,  Goronyo, Gudu,  lllela,   Isa,     Kebbe  ,    Sabon  Birni,  Shagari,   Rabah  Tambuwal Tangaza, Tureta  , Achida,  Gande, Gwadabawa  and Wurno  Markets;
  1. Prohibition of operation of commercial  tricycles  and motorcycles   from 10:00 pm 10  6:00  m in the State capital, and 6:00 p.m 6:00 a.m in Gade, Goronyo, Gudu, Gwadabawa, fllela, Isa, Kebbe,  Sabon Birni, Shagari, Rabah Tambuwal  Tangaza, Tureta  and  Wumo  Local Governments Areas;
  1. Prohibition of the sale of petrol  in jerrycans  at filling stations;
  1. Only designated   Filling  stations  are allowed  to sell petrol  and  diesel   of not more than  NS,000.00    to motorists  in Gada, Goronyo,   Gudu,  Illela, Isa,  Kebbe,   Sabon Birnl, Shagari,  Rabah, Tambuwal  Tangaza,  Tureta and Wurno  Local  Governments   Areas;
  2. Only authorized essential  workers  (health  personnel,  security  personnel and Journalists)  could  use tricycles  and motorcycles  beyond  the banned periods.
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