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Dear Colleagues,

It’s a New Year! I wish you all a fruitful, healthy and blessed year. Happy New Year Dear Colleagues!

So, year 2020 with all “her dramas” finally ended and further ushered in a new year. As it is with all new year we tend to make big plans, set big goals and sometimes go further to share those plans, dreams and visions on social media, our circle of friends, accountability partners and so on and so forth. While it’s good to have great and wonderful ideas and plans at the beginning of the year, it’s equally a thing of joy sharing those great and wonderful ideas. However, not having any great idea at the beginning of the year is not in any way a cause for concern; Ideas do not always ‘happen at the beginning of a year’ a great idea could be conceived at the end of the year or middle of the year, there is no formula about creating and executing ideas, after all, some ideas emerged with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, some ideas died.

I remember when the Pandemic happened and we were all forced to stay indoors for weeks sometimes around April of year 2020. In the middle of the lock down, names and brands we had not heard about in several Industries became prominent due to their ability to take advantage of the situation and come up with diverse services which are an offshoot of ideas. For some of these persons, if they had been interviewed in January of year 2020, I’m sure most of them had not conceived the ideas that launched them into “limelight” before the Pandemic happened. I’m again sure that the fact that they had not conceived those great ideas did not stop them from delivering excellence on jobs held prior to the Pandemic.

Apart from those class of persons who launched their great ideas in the middle of a pandemic, there is also another class of persons who remained consistent and diligent with ideas conceived and executed years ago, people who were faithful with their jobs, projects and responsibilities. So, often times than not, the secret to having a good year is not all about kicking off the year with some great ideas that is capable of solving the World’s problem(lol).

Over the years, I have seen and come across people with zero confidence despite the abilities and skills possessed by these set of people and I have come to further realize that the confidence was eroded by the society vide stories of great ideas and projections for the year. I say to you, if you do not have supposed big plans, please do not feel inadequate and less of who you really and truly are, same is capable of eroding your confidence amongst circle of friends. Bearing in mind the hype that comes with the “new year new plans…big plans”, I have come to a place of deep understanding and insight to the effect that it does not really matter if you do not have any supposed big plans for the year, don’t be hard on yourself. It’s pretty alright if the only plans you have is to do your job better. As a matter of fact, I’m a firm believer that we should daily strive to be better at whatever it is we do and same is true of the new year. Here is another one, the plan for the year may even be to execute an idea you had conceived a long time ago or even to do a subsisting (ongoing) project better. To each his own!

Personally, I am yet to come out with a firm plan for the year although I have been ruminating over some ideas and really trying to develop them to a stage where I can then think of ways to execute them. So, for me there is no big dream or vision at the moment the only dream is to be a better mother, wife, lawyer and writer and constantly do my job and all assigned tasks with utmost diligence. Don’t be swayed by the people who tell you, if you don’t have a plan for year 2021 then you’re already behind. We have our respective race to run and our pace varies. Please note that I am not in any way condoning or even encouraging slothfulness, I am just not a fan of the so called “new year new me” “new year new idea” “new year new project” talk.

Moving further, I believe, albeit strongly, that we should always have a plan (long term) and a desired end so that year in year out we are working towards the attainment of that ultimate goal and desired end. In the coming week, I hope to work more on my thoughts and these ideas I have been having.

Here is to a fruitful 2021 regardless and notwithstanding!


I have been away for couple of months due to situations beyond my control and I just had to make a decision to put this part of my life on hold. Am I back? I honestly do not have the right answer but I sincerely hope so.

Thank you.

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