[Video] Police Disrupt Court Session in an Attempt to Arrest Suspect

Police officers from the Zonal Headquarters Calabar invaded a magistrate court and attempted to arrest a suspect while the court is sitting forcing the Magistrate to retire to his chambers.
A Facebook user Samuel Udoh who witnessed the incident shared the video with the following report:

A Violent RAPE of the Temple of Justice!!

A Police officer from the Zonal Police Headquarters, Calabar- Zone 6, in connivance with his cohort from the Oruk Anam Divisional Police Headquarters, invaded the Magistrate Court, Oruk Anam this morning in an attempt to arrest a suspect INSIDE THE COURT ROOM.

They successfully disrupted Court proceedings and caused His Worship; the Magistrate, to escape into Chamber.

Thank God for the Swift intervention of Barr. Glory Daniel and other members of the Bar, who responded timeosly and tenaciously by staking their lives to rescue the court from being outrightly defiled, even in the face of barrels of Guns.

This is an act tantamount to a desecration of the Hallowed Temple of Justice. And an action capable of awakening the sensory Organs of the Nigerian Bar Association.

These police officers should be cited for Contempt, arrest, prosecuted and summarily dismissed from the Nigerian Police Force.

Meanwhile, We have engaged our team of high-powered Private Investigators to unravel the full identity of these Contemnors for Commencement of necessary action in a Court of Competent Jurisdiction, to serve as deterrent to any officer of the law with a motive or intention to Rape the Hallowed Sanctuary of Justice.

Interestingly, but very unfortunately, we have been informed that the Principal Contemnor is a lawyer duly Called to the Nigerian Bar. This is regrettable, unforgivable and inconceivable, because once the Police is done with him, the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee shall do the needful.

We Hate Nonsense!!

Watch Video 

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