4 Possible Outcome Of The Amber Heard Vs Johnny Depp Trial


The Depp Vs Heard trial is coming to an end after six weeks of depositions and revelations of personal details regarding their relationship, and here we present what are possible outcomes of the trial.

The trial has achieved unprecedented media attention, there has not been a trial so publicized to a point that even people have capitalized on the trial by live-streaming their comments while watching it, and now the deliberations stage has begun, so it is up to the jury to decide who will be victorious, with millions of dollars on the line, but even more important, their reputation is at stake.

There are various possibilities and outcomes

Depp comes out on top

Depp comes out victorious and is acquitted of being violent and gets warded up to $50 million, the amount for which Depp is suing his ex-wife.

What happens if she can’t pay?

“Well, then you get into all kinds of trouble, negotiations about how it will be paid during the course of time, people file for bankruptcy. There aren’t many people who have that kind of money,” David Banks a specialist comments

Ruling in favor of Heard

If the jury rules in favor of Amber Heard and is proven that in fact, Johnny Depp is guilty of domestic violence they could award her up to $100 million in damages, which is the exact amount she is countersuing his ex-husband.

Victory but no damages

There could be a third option in the mist: they could rule in favor of either of them, but decide to cancel monetary reparations for the trial.

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What could happen if they do not reach a collective decision?

The seven jurors must reach a unanimous decision, in case they are unable to do it, the whole thing could be ruled as a mistrial, and it’s up to both parties to agree and look for a new trial.


Like with any civil case there is the opportunity of an appeal, pundit David Banks believes that is a high possibility “I suspect there will be an appeal, there is a lot at stake, the reputations and careers of two great movie stars,” he mentioned.

Speaking specifically of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, he said, “This is very damaging to the reputation and their marketability. So I would be surprised if the jury rules against him that he would leave it at that.”

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