Destiny Ogedegbe, First Class Student From Law School Gains Admission into Havard and Oxford


Destiny Osayi Ogedegbe’s  has remained consistent in his academic excellence. In 2018, Destiny became the second student since the history of UNIBEN Law Faculty to graduate with a first class. In 2019 he graduated from the law school with a first class

Few hours ago, Destiny confirmed having been admitted into the two most prestigious universities in the world – Harvard University and Oxford University.

Read the story of his recent success story:

I’m excited to share that I got admitted into the two most prestigious universities in the world: the Harvard University and the University of Oxford.

Particularly excited by the fact that I’m one of four (4) Nigerians admitted this year to the Harvard Law School LLM Programme — the most competitive law programme in the world — on a scholarship.

Also humbled to be one of the very few Nigerians admitted by the University of Oxford for the prestigious BCL Programme; humbled by the conferment of the Wiedenfeld Hoffmann Scholarship and recognised as a Hoffmann Scholar of Oxford.

I tell this story and add that these are the only two schools I have ever applied to for graduate studies and I got into both. That it happened this way, tells me something. They both did the right thing, I suspect, because this story is already written in the stars —this is merely the mortal manifestation of God’s ideal. I have no other explanation.

My parents are excited, but also pleasantly confused. This is beyond them. Because from where we come, folks don’t wake up and dream of Harvard or Oxford. In fact, my mum only recently learnt how to correctly pronounce “Harvard”. Now, she describes me in our dialect as “the child who was born with gold in his hands”. My siblings are tirelessly proud of me. I’m happy for them.

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God has been kind to me. Beyond the pomp and circumstance of self-pride in my efforts and the brilliance that went into this process, my recurring feeling is self-perpetuating gratitude to God and to all those he used along the way to make this a reality. I have amazing sponsors, mentors and friends around me. I love and appreciate them all. Can I forget how immensely supportive they have been to me? Certainly not, not in this lifetime of promise and pleasant surprises.

Today, I woke up in Boston, Massachusetts. I’ll be undertaking my LLM Programme at the Harvard Law School for the next year with focus on Corporate & Project Finance. God is writing a meaningful biography on my behalf — this is my favorite chapter yet — and I’ll come back to tell you how this ends.


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