Mobil Challenges Industrial Court Ruling And Contempt Notice.

National Industrial Court

Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited has challenged the validity of a Ruling of the National Industrial Court delivered on August 15, 2022, directing Mobil to furnish security in a sum in anticipation of an adverse judgment against it in a suit instituted by one of its former employees, James Nwagbogwu Ebede. Mr Ebede claimed compensation for alleged wrongful termination of his employment by Mobil. Mobil maintains that Mr Ebede resigned his employment with the oil major voluntarily and has his letter of resignation pleaded before the Court.

The Court upon hearing an application filed by Mr Ebede, alleging that Mobil was divesting its assets in Nigeria, directed Mobil to furnish the Court with the details of an account with sufficient funds to satisfy the judgment of the Court, when given.

Mobil has, however, challenged the Order of the National Industrial Court at the Court of Appeal. Mobil’s challenge of the Order stems from its position that it is not divesting or selling its assets in Nigeria, and that Mr Ebede did not provide the Court with any evidence of his allegations against Mobil to justify the grant of the application by the Court. There has been news of discussing of a possible share acquisition and not sale of assets.

Mobil has further challenged the validity of a Form 48 (Notice of Consequence of Disobedience of Order of Court) filed by Mr Ebede against officers of Mobil, Mr Richard Laing, Mr Alexander Savva, Mr Olusegun Banwo, Mr Dozie Adesuwa, Mr Aliyu Bala and Mr Adelabu Adedoyin. The Notice as filed by Mr Ebede implies that Mobil is in disobedience of the Order of the Industrial Court. Mobil has, however, filed a Motion asking the Court to set aside the Notice, as Mobil has appealed against the Order of the Industrial Court on various grounds.

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