My Path to The Call – Series 1


My name is Chibuike Peters. I am a distinguished law student of Afe Babalola University (ABUAD-LAW). I am embarking on a journey to becoming a legal practitioner and like every other aspect of my very young life, it would be my utmost pleasure to share my chronicle. I do not fully comprehend the reason why I have the urge to do this, but I do wish that five years from today, I would come back to this very first piece and use same as a perimeter to measure my personal and career growth.

All I can promise you is that seeing ABUAD-Law through my lenses would be worth it. Welcome to my space!

How The Journey Began

I have settled into school, and I also think I am ready for the task ahead.  I definitely faced a lot of challenges before getting here; physically mentally and emotionally. But I am a much better person regardless of whatever I have faced.

Where to begin? From my experience during my arrival here? Or all that I went through in the last three to four months? Well, it all began some weeks after I graduated from secondary school. Imagine writing UTME twice in one year not because you were involved in exam malpractice, not because you failed, but because of how chaotic things are in this country. After all the hard work I put into preparing for my first ever UTME, so many sleepless nights and so much practice, everything went to waste because it was discovered that some malpractice took place in the centre where I wrote my exam. The results were cancelled but as God would have it, JAMB summoned a few of us back to sit for what it termed ‘Mop Up Exam’. I should count myself lucky and not complain. Anyway, I wrote the exam again and still met my expectations, ultimately earning a spot in this prestigious institution.

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To start with, I don’t think the plan was for me to come to Afe Babalola University. But remember I used a word earlier describing this country “chaotic”. Presently, all students in Nigeria’ Federal Universities have been at home for months hoping and praying for all this madness to end but sadly it hasn’t. It is due to these circumstances that I have ended up here. Fate, you may say. Even though it was difficult God still came through for myself and my family.

My journey to Ekiti state was certainly one I will never forget. On Tuesday 4th of October to be precise, we began our journey to Ekiti, myself and the driver. As we approached Ibadan, shortly after the first toll gate, we were stopped by a couple of policemen who told us to step down. I assumed they wanted to search us to find out if we had anything illegal on us, so, the naïve me was not perturbed. However, these men seized my phone accusing me of being a ‘yahoo boy’. They began to threaten that they will take me to their office and investigate me. The crazy part of it is, they searched us, myself and the driver, found nothing on us and kept laying accusations. They took me to their car, went through my phone which ultimately was a violation of my privacy and despite the fact that they found nothing on me,  still took the N2k they found in my pocket while frisking me and that was the only cash I had on me. They eventually let me go after I mentioned that my mother was a lawyer. I felt so harassed that day but I’m happy I’ve had such an experience because I know I might still face situations like this in the future and if at all it occurs, I know exactly what I would do.

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Moving on, I safely arrived Afe babalola University, tired. The road to Ado Ekiti? Well, let’s just skip that part for now. After a tedious but successful registration process, I settled in without any problems. The Orientation process took place on Thursday 6th October, we were introduced to the system and were made aware of the things that are allowed and disallowed, we were also initiated into the LSS (Law Students Society) where we will be introduced to so many different activities that will be of benefit to us students. We were also given a tour of the entire college, in which we were shown various departmental offices, our lecture halls and so much more.

It has been a very eventful week but with time I would definitely get used to life as a law Student.

This is the beginning of my chronicle. Would you like to ask any question about my school? Hit me up:

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