NBA 2022 Election: 59,393 Lawyers Eligible to Vote

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The Electoral Committee of the NBA (ECNBA) has released the final list of voters for the NBA Elections scheduled to hold tomorrow. According to the list, 59,393 lawyers would be eligible to vote during the election.

Read the Information Release by the ECNBA:

Dear Eligible Voter,

The Nigerian Bar Association Election for the year 2022 for National Officers of the Association and NBA representatives to the General Council of the Bar will be held on Saturday July 16, 2022, between the hours of 12:00am (Nigeria Time) on Saturday July 16 and 11:59pm on Saturday July 16 2022.
In order to vote during this election. Kindly read through the information below:-

Your name must be on the Final Voters Register published by the ECNBA. Kindly visit for the list.

Details for voting will ONLY be sent to the Email and Phone Number attached to your profile on the Final Eligible Voters List published by the ECNBA.

We are using a platform called “ElectionBuddy” This is where you will cast your vote.

You will be able to cast your vote from your INTERNET ENABLED phone, computer, laptop or tablet on Election Day. All you need is a web browser to vote.

A Private and Personalised Voting Link will be sent to the Email and Phone Number attached to your profile as an Eligible Voter. Do not share the link!

If you have not received your Voting Link, check your spam or junk mail folders, click here for help. (

Click the link, which will open Election Buddy in your web browser window. You will be taken immediately to a page where you input your SCN (SUPREME COURT NUMBER) as your password. Example:- SCN PASSWORD : 1234567

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After this, you will be taken to the ballot selection screen to see the list of positions along with those contesting for them. Proceed and select your preferred candidate in each position or select abstain. Ensure you make a choice for each position even if you are abstaining, or else the process cannot be continued.

After completing the selection process, click on Continue to proceed to the Verification Page. On the Verification page, the ballot will be shown back to you with the selections you made.

Review it carefully, then click Submit Ballot to finalize your selections or choose to go back to make corrections.

Once a ballot is submitted, it can no longer be changed, so be sure your choices are accurately reflected on the Verify screen before submitting.

Once You have voted. You should see a “Thank You!” Confirmation screen acknowledging that your vote has been registered for that ballot

After placing your vote, you would then receive email confirmation that you have placed your vote.

If you may experience any technical difficulties and need to contact someone for help with Election Buddy during the Election, send an email to You can also call our contact centre 070-8067-2013.
You can also visit for more information with a visual animation on step by step guide on how to vote.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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