NBA-AGC 2022: TCCP Makes Clarification on Delegates Attendance to Opening Ceremony


The Chairman of the Technical Committee on Conference Planning (TCCP), Mr. Tobenna Erojikwe has made further clarification on the restriction of attendance to the AGC opening ceremony to 4,000 delegates.

In a further statement issued by Mr. Erojikwe titled: “Re: Collection of Conference Material (Clarification on Opening Ceremony), he stated:

Further to the email issued to delegates and other related correspondence regarding
the above subject matter, I clarify as follows:

I note that the earlier correspondence regarding the Opening Ceremony of the AGC was not as clear as it could have been and has, rightly, led to expressions of concern by delegates and others.

Further to same I clarify that all 13,000 delegates who have registered to participate in the Conference would participate in the Opening Ceremony if they are available to attend.

The TCCP has made adequate arrangements for all delegates to participate fully at the Opening Ceremony, Technical Sessions and all other events during the Conference.

As far as the Opening Ceremony is concerned, two venues have been made available for delegates to participate from.

The first 4,000 delegates that collect Conference materials will be given passes to attend the Opening Ceremony at Eko Hotels whilst all other delegates will be given delegate passes to attend the Opening Ceremony at the main Conference venue at Eko Atlantic.

It is hoped that this note has clarified any issues raised by the earlier correspondence, which, should have provided more information on the subject.

The above clarification became necessary following his earlier statement that “the opening ceremony for the 2022 AGC will take place at the Convention Hall of Eko Hotel and Suites. Due to the limited seating capacity of this venue, seat passes for Eko Hotel will be given to the first 4,000 delegates on a first come first serve basis. The seat passes will be distributed from Friday along with conference materials.”

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