NBA as the Credible Leader of the Nigerian Civil Society – Lawal Akorede Habeeb


Candidate for the position of the National Publicity Secretary in the forth coming NBA Election, Mr. LAWAL AKOREDE HABEEB, has always had a penchant for the Positive Public Perception of the Bar. While he served as  the Assistant National Publicity Secretary and in the build up to actualizing his vision and manifesto for the office of National Publicity Secretary, Lawal stated that:

“The preparations for electioneering towards the 2023 general elections have begun in earnest. The political climate will surely throw up issues that will impact on our nationhood. In this election season, citizens will as always look up to lawyers. It is therefore important that the public sees and acknowledges the Bar as the leading light in the vanguard for adherence to the rule of law, protection of the independence of the judiciary and good governance in the country.”

“I am keen on keeping the present flame of strong public engagement by the Olumide Akpata led Nigerian Bar Association Administration. This is even more important in this 2023 general election season. By so doing, we will fast track our acknowledgement as the credible leader of the Nigerian civil society.”

“In order to give life to my vision, I will place my service as Publicity Secretary on the following two stands:
Strong Public Engagement and Responsive Information System.”

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