NBA Needs To Move Beyond Issuing Statements -Taidi


It is no longer news that three gentlemen will be vying for the  number one position during the forthcoming NBA elections. What remains to be seen is the quality and breadth of vision that these contenders would be bringing to the table as they gear up to present their manifestoes.

While eagerly waiting for the contenders to share their ideas on how they hope to resolve the major issues plaguing the Bar, our correspondent ran into one of the candidates to the highest office. The soft spoken and cerebral  J. G. Taidi not only expressed displeasure over the nature of politics creeping into the Bar, he also rued the fact that until Akpata came, the NBA was content with just issuing statements and didn’t seem capable of taking a more proactive stance on issues.

According to Mr. Taidi, the Bar Association should be the conscience of society and take active part in correcting the wrongs. While commending the efforts of the incumbent administration in that regard, he noted that  it was time for the lawyers’ body to consolidate on the renewed boldness in tackling issues beyond just issuing statements. He spoke of the need to courageously promote the rule of law in all its ramifications.

He argued that the NBA as a body can do so much more by being proactive on pending issues affecting lawyers and the society at large .

One of the examples he gave was the attitude of our courts over the need to prioritize extending courtesies, on days courts will not sit, to  lawyers and litigants.

According to Taidi, NBA must deliberately take practical steps to resolve this and other nagging issues on behalf of its members. This has over the years discomfited and destabilized a great many lawyers.

He further stated that he hopes for an NBA where we can all work together to correct some of these abnormalities and inconveniences to legal practitioners and litigants.

On his capacity,  Barister Taidi noted that his antecedents speak volumes about his ability to take practical steps to get results. He spoke of a number of  issues which arose in his state during his tenure as the Chairman of the branch and his dogged insistence on doing what was right.  For instance,  most branches of the NBA were at the time sidelined over the issue of obtaining fair assessments of those seeking appointments to the Bench and under his watch as NBA Chairman the Bar was consistent in pursuit of decorum and it  yielded positive results.

Speaking on his manner of campaign Taidi stated that he does not believe in razzmatazz, but  a campaign that is essentially focused on issues. He noted that he would, at the appropriate time, approach and connect with lawyers directly to deliver his message.

He further stated that he is very accessible and open to interactions with lawyers both young and old.   

Taidi appears not to be deterred by colleagues  who are yet to come to his side or “tidied” and believes his vision for the NBA and his capacity to bring the vision to reality for the betterment of the young and old lawyers remain unshaken and would no doubt bring him the requisite votes.

On his opinion on the incumbent president like himself not being an SAN, and how it will make or affect one’s governance; Taidi stated that he perceives not being an SAN in governance as an asset not a liability as it guarantees objectivity in making decisions for the good of the Nigerian Bar Association at large.

In the coming days DNL Legal & Style’s  will be having an Exclusive video interview with Mr. JG Taidi. So sit tight and look out for the interview, so you can have a better sense of this soft spoken gentleman of law.

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