NJC Receives New Guideline for Data Protection in the Judiciary


The National Judicial Council was formally presented with the reviewed Judicial Information Technology Policy which established the general requirements and responsibilities for the Nigerian Judiciary systems and information.

The Policy which was presented to the council during its 99th meeting on 30 November and 01 December 2022, provides for guidance of Courts and Judicial Bodies in protecting Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) of judiciary function and process. It also stipulates guidance for acceptable use of system, services and technologies as well as provisions for secure storage of judicial data and recovery processes in the event of emergencies or distress. It further provides guidelines and incident management policies including Data Centre deployment and use policies.

The Scope is intended for all Courts and Judicial Bodies in Nigeria including staff of the Nigerian judiciary, employed or contracted to any Judicial Body handling information that is generated, received, stored, transmitted, or printed. It encompasses all personal or Judiciary identifiable data held in their Courts and Judicial Bodies’ systems and process including supporting mechanisms and technologies for managing such data at rest or in transit.

All staff are expected to comply with the policy and associated standard protocols and procedures that have been put in place to support the document.

The policy is applicable to all Courts unit, departments of all Judicial Bodies in the Nigerian Judiciary.

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