Overwhelmed by Family Problem, a Young Lawyer Begs for Financial Help to Set Up Practice


A young lawyer, Oghenero Oghogho Ruth Edemo has cried out to the public for assistance. Having hit the brick wall on her job search, she is seeking for funds to set up her own practice to be able to support her family which presently depend on her for all their needs; medication for her ailing father and her self, feeding, accommodation and her only brother’s school fees.

She resolved to get an office space and set up her own practice after her failed attempt to secure another job after resigning her previous job to take care of her sick father.  She shared her story on twitter:

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Just need to get this out. My name is Oghenero Oghogho Ruth Edemo, I’m a lawyer. Quit my job in December to care for my dad while my brother focused on school. I’m the first of two children. Authored a novel(The strange woman) early last year, that same book has been our source of survival courtesy of some good and wonderful people God made me come across ever since I quit my job to take care of my dad.

My dad has glaucoma, and I inherited it from him. His is worse. His sight is really bad and he has to be on medication (pills and eyedrop) everyday to stabilize the eye pressure and curb the acute pain he’s been experiencing. Mine isn’t as bad because it was discovered early during my time in law school. Ever since then I’ve been on medication too  to stabilize the pressure on my eyes.

My brother’s in his third year in the university and I’ve been solely responsible for him. Right now, the pressures are weighing me down, sales of my novel aren’t forthcoming this period as much as I’d have wanted. We have  to eat, I have to settle the house rent a month from now, I have to get medication for my dad and I. Last month, I had to skip my eye medication to make sure bills were paid; got my dad’s medication and feeding. I’m beginning to feel the effects of the lack of medication on my eyes. The whole thing is beginning to overwhelm me greatly.

My family is dependent on me, I know the sacrifices they made to see me through law school. I need to get back to work now my brother is at home due to the strike, so he can take care of dad while I set up something. When the strike gets called off, I’d be rest assured I’d have set myself up financially and would be able to get my brother back to school.

I reached out to my boss but my space had been taken. I reached out to a lot of people and hit the brick wall job wise.  I’ve decided to start off on my own as I can’t even afford to sit home. I started looking for office space since last week Thursday. I have seen one and it’s really good but I was told it would cost me 110k for the first year and 95k for the subsequent years.

With 250k, I’d be able to take the office space I saw and start off with some furniture. I sincerely need this help I have to get something going this week as I don’t think we’d be able to survive this week with the way my finances are. I urgently need money to get medication for me and my dad, pay the house rent and I can’t do that without a job, and the only way for a job right now is to start one myself. I honestly cannot proceed with the establishment of my law firm within my available resources, so I am writing this request for your support please whatever comes up is honestly so well appreciated.

First Bank
Oghogho Edemo. 

Please help me pls 

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