Records of Proceedings in Our Courts of Justice: A Call for Modernization


-Ikeazor ‘Kizor’ Akaraiwe, S.A.N

What we call records of proceedings are actually ‘Judges Notes’ because they seldom are fully accurate; being subject to the vagaries of the disposition of the Judex and even the weather.

The solution to imperfect records of proceedings is electronic recording of court proceedings. This is already the case at the IST (Investment and Securities Tribunal) which is an inferior tribunal.

However, electricity supply is the major limitation against electronic recording. But this is the solution.

Firstly, the courts must manage their own budgetary requirements in line with as stipulated by the S. 162 (9 & 10) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Secondly, until Nigeria resolves her recalcitrant electricity problem, all heads of courts must ensure provision of adequate number of solar panels, inverters, and electricity generators in all their courts, from lowest to highest.

That way, we can have accurate records of proceedings.

If the Investments and Securities Tribunal could do this, aforesaid, the superior courts of records ought to be able to, and not just the superior courts of records, this grace should be extended to the magistrates, and customary courts for flawless justice delivery.

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