Sanwo-Olu Performs Groundbreaking Ceremony of Reconstruction Of High Court, Igbosere


Governor of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu today performed the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the redevelopment and reconstruction of the Historic Igbosere High Court which was destroyed during the civil unrest of October 2020.

The Rebuild Lagos Trust Fund (RLTF) was established in November 2020, following Governor Sanwo-Olu’s Executive order EO/BOS/2020, for rebuilding and restoring affected state assets in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital.

Among the six pioneer projects identified by the Fund, High Court Igbosere holds historical significance to Lagos as a State, and Nigeria as a country. Hence, the Rebuild Lagos Trust Fund is dedicated to its restoration and upgrade.

The High Court of Lagos, Igbosere was the oldest and most notable colonial judicial building in Nigeria. It was originally called the Supreme Court with its jurisdiction limited to Lagos and its existence dates back to the period of cession of Lagos to the British Government.

For historical purposes, the colonial building is preserved by rebuilding the shell and courtrooms therein, maintaining its external look while upgrading the internal facilities to meet the present-day demands for services and infrastructure.

The expansion of the number of court facilities within the Complex from 22 to 38 Courts in response to the deficiency in the number of courtrooms in the State.

To eliminate the former car parking challenges within the facility, a multilevel park would be built in the new complex, A 700-seater auditorium to be created due to the increased number of courtrooms being created.

Additional office spaces would also be created to adequately accommodate the judges and other upgrades that directly address the old colonial building’s challenges.

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The contractor for this reconstruction project is Formwork Ltd and Mar & Mor Enginerring Services.

Project Duration is 18 Months for the First Phase, 2nd Phase of this project is scheduled to start by April 2023.


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