Say Hello to Lawpavilion PRIME 6.0 – The Winner’s Prime!



For over a decade, LawPavilion PRIME has grown to be the best electronic legal research and analytics tool in Nigeria and with the launch of the new version Prime 6.0, PRIME is providing the perfect encounter between timeless quality, value and leading-edge technology, for the deluxe legal research experience – making it the Winner’s Prime and position you for winning.

Why a new Prime you may ask? Because we heard you about the challenges and improvements needed on the product including the ability to copy and paste in formats that enable you to use your research wherever you need it; updated law reports, regulations, and overall increased speed, and improvement on the Search function. Moreso as we have new tools and features within the product that we want you to maximize for that winning practice trajectory.

What’s new in PRIME 6.0?

New features include an A.I-Powered Document Review tool with advanced legal intelligence capacity to help you review every legal document you need for your brief, giving you an eagle-eyed view of the key elements – authorities – within each of your legal documents and opposing counsel’s frontloaded documents.

Secondly, get your hand on the new Counsel Profiling which gives you an added higher level of insight into the way legal practitioners sway the court to their advantage over the last 60 years. The Textbooks & Journals e-library allows you to build your personal legal library and stand on the shoulders of giants in the profession. The platform has a new book feature, the Lagos Bar Journal.

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Furthermore, Prime 6.0 contains the State Laws feature which includes all the Laws of Lagos State. These features can be accessed through the new In-App Purchase function within the product.Prime 6.0 is your best bet for a robust deluxe legal research experience. Upgrade to the new Prime 6.0 or buy yours today and share your feedback through the Send Feedback feature on the new Prime Dashboard.

How Can You Get Your Prime 6.0?

A. For Existing Prime Users (Upgrade on Windows and Mac Only)

1. Log in to your Prime platform

2. Click on the Notifications Icon (the Orange Bell)

3. Click on the notification labelled, “New version available” and then Download Now (you will need to be connected to the internet)

4. Upgrade to Prime 6. O.

B. For Non-Prime Users

1. Go to and click on Prime

2. Subscribe to the product and install it on your Windows or Mac device

3. Contact our Customer Success team via to help with support

4. Launch your Prime 6.0 and enjoy an unrivalled legal research experience.

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