Time For NBA To Bite; Open Letter To NBA President


By Felix C. Ashimole, Esq.


My dear President,
Without beating about the bush of a bearded fruit, let me thrust into the crux of the matter.
You have rekindled the faith and hope of lawyers in NBA as their voice in trying times. Even those who doubted that you will raise to the occasion and tower above your predecessor, are standing at attention giving you loud ovation over your courageous stand on the lingering issue of professional misconduct by a former president of NBA.
After reading your two earthquaking letters and refusal of BoB to accord NBA the least of respect of replying or and considering the obnoxious, infamous è-mail, I urge you to pray to NEC, to do the following;
1. Stop recognizing Chief Wole Olanipekun SAN as past NBA President.
2. His picture should be brought down from the wall of NBA Secretariat.
3. NBA should withdraw all NBA appointed prosecutors from LPDC until further notice,
4. NBA should not participate in the screening process of prospective SAN applicants.
5. NBA should mandate members not to appear in any matter wherein Chief Olanipekun SAN or his law firm is representing any party.
it is time NBA goes beyond baring her fangs to biting the jugular. On issue of restoring integrity, respect for our noble profession, NBA cannot pussyfoot or seen as a paper tiger.
Statement from your exalted office, is not only akin to divine directives to Lawyers, it should be binding on all NBA members akin to pronouncements by the Supreme Court.

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Chief Wole Olanipekun SAN, has led the Bar, enjoyed the goodwill of the Bar, it is unfortunate that he has stood on his high horse, behaving like a bull in a china shop, instead of honorably doing the needful.
His abuse of the universal doctrine of fair hearing, not being a judge in your own case, gives one the doubtful belief that, Chief May not be above board like Caesar’s wife on this issue.

My Dear, President, you have won the hearts of all those who did not vote for you, who were skeptical, if you could bite. The heart of those who knew you and campaigned for you and voted for you, are rekindled like Christmas light, with the bold steps you have taken so far, since your swearing in.

Accept the assurances of my highest professional regards.

Felix C. Ashimole, Esq.                                    6 December 2022


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