[Video] Custom Officers Physically Assaults Lawyer


A video of customs official manhandling a lawyer after their boss allegedly ordered that the said man should be detained for asking him a question, has gone viral after being shared online.

The incident happened after the lawyer visited the Apapa office of the agency over the “unlawful” seizure of his client’s car. The senior customs official is said to have allegedly ordered that he be detained after he (lawyer) pointed out the illegality of the seizure

The senior customs official who was present as his men manhandled the lawyer, did not counter the lawyer’s claim of being maltreated for asking a question.

In the video sighted, the lawyer is seen struggling with about two to three officers who at the instruction of a senior officer were trying to evacuate him from the office.

The overpowered lawyer attempted to resist the physical intimidation and harassment of the officers by informing them of the illegality of their actions even as the person who recorded the video opposed the action by reminding them that the man was a lawyer.

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