How I Started My Law Firm 30 Years Ago – Okutepa



    In my heart, I have many reasons to thank and praise God. First I am most underserving of the mercies and favour of God. On the 1st day of April 1993, I set out on a journey that appeared like an April fool trip.

    It was the day I took a big risk and decided to start my law firm after undergoing tutelage in the law firms of Mersrs F.M.E. Nezan and Company and E. A. Haruna and Company all based in Makurdi.

    I started my law firm under the name and style of Agamah, Okutepa, and Co. I and my classmate and callmate, Dr. Michael Agamah had agreed during our university days and at Law School that we will go into a partnership after our call to Bar.

    When we were eventually called to the Bar, Mike went to Lagos and I stayed in Makurdi. I kept faith in our agreement hence the name Agamah, Okutepa, and Co when I started the law firm on the 1st April 1993.
    Thirty (30) years after that risk of a decision, I look back with grateful nostalgia and all I see in the journey has been the hands of God. The day I started the law firm all I had at “home and abroad” was just 50kobo.

    The circumstances under which I got the office at No 51 Railway Bye pass High Level Makurdi was by divine providence and grace of God. Ibrahim Shaibu Atadoga Esq, as he then was later Hon Justice Ibrahim Shaibu Atadoga, now deceased, late President Kogi State Customary Court of Appeal, gave me his office rent free for one year.

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    Senior Iorwase Ahile Esq was instrumental to my getting the office because he gave me the information about the office. The foundation of what God has made me today was laid in that office.

    The grace of God Chambers is 30 years today. For these past 30 years, God has been my anchor. He lifted me far above my enemies. He placed me where only him can place me.

    Happy 30 years of God’s favour as a boss of myself. When I think of the goodness of God and all He has done for me, I cannot but be grateful to God. Who am I that this God is mindful of. The journey that I started as a joke like April fool has turned to April wise.
    It can only be God. I have been counting the blessings of God on me for these 30 years, and I am supremely surprised by what God has done, is doing and He will continue to do.
    Happy 30th anniversary to me.


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