IWD: Hannatu Dauda Simon Encourages All to ‘Embrace Equity’


A multi-talented lawyer and Girl/Women Rights Advocate, Mrs. Hannatu Dauds Simon has appealed to women all over the world to join hands in educating the public on how to embrace equity and reinforce a sustainable equitable future for all.

Mrs. Dauda Simon who is also the founder of Hans Centre for Social Justice, made the appeal in a statement issued on Wednesday to mark the 2023 International Women’s Day.

In her words; “As we celebrate this momentous occasion and conjointly strive towards the attainment of Equity and better engineering of innovation and technology for gender equality, let us all be apprised of the creed this day symbolizes, the promises this day holds and the erstwhile memories of resilience this day evokes.”

While congratulating herself and  women all over the world, she urged them to remain inspired by the sacrifices of our pioneering Matriarchs and enterprising mothers who through their mettlesomeness, grit and resoluteness challenged the status quo and unshackled the stereotypical chains manacling women.

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