LawPavilion: The PRIMSOL Advantage


The features that set LawPavilion Primsol apart

Extensive Database: Despite the already vast collection of Judgments on LawPavilion PRIMSOL, about 70 new judgements are added to your Primsol database weekly, making it the largest e-Law library in Nigeria.

Advanced Search Functionality: With its powerful search feature, LawPavilion PRIMSOL allows you to conduct searches across research resources such as cases, legislations, publications and so-on with just one click. You can also narrow down your results based on specific parameters, saving valuable time.

Legal analytics: Through the power of A.I, Primsol leverages the large database of judgments to give insight on the locus classicus, conflicts, exceptions, oldest and latest authorities on any issue of law.

User-Friendly Interface: LawPavilion PRIMSOL features an intuitive interface that makes legal research accessible to all lawyers, regardless of their tech proficiency.

Elevate Your Legal Practice with Ease and Confidence with LawPavilion Primsol.

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