NLS Excellence Summit Holds Sept. 9 in Portharcourt Campus


Excellence Summit is an annual conference held across the Nigerian Law School campuses. Last year, it was held in its Lagos campus, Victoria Island. The summit features practical and proven teachings from God’s word to attain excellence in the Nigerian Law School and in life.

On the 9th of September 2023, this Saturday, this year’s will be hosted in the latest addition to the campuses – Port Hatcourt campus. She will be live there and watch parties set up accross all other 6 campuses by the respective volunteers via this links:

The convener, Grace Kalu, renowned as The Mentor is the founder of NLS Mind-Check, a Mentorship Institution through which she mentors Bar Aspirants for success. She was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2019, where she finished as the Overall Best Graduating Student in Criminal Litigation and 7th Overall Best Graduating Student. Through her Mentorship, she has raised at least 15 first class law school students in 2 yearz.

If Isaac Newton said “I see farther than others because I stand on the shoulders of giants”, Grace Kalu is a giant whose shoulders every bar aspirant should stand upon.

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