Special Birthday Tribute to My Lord Hon. Justice Ntong Ntong


By Harrison Essien

Today is a significant event to celebrate my Lord, Hon. Justice Ntong Ntong of Akwa Ibom State High Court for inspiring me to study Law in the course of covering his Court as a Judiciary Correspondent.

I have good reasons to celebrate His Lordship. I revived passion for Law after listening to His Lordship’s rulings and judgments, which are my delight any day, any time. I learnt so many things from His Lordship especially in the areas of Criminal Law, Law of Evidence, Fundamental Rights Procedure, Civil Procedure and Professional Ethics and Conduct in and outside the Bar.

Another thing that endears me to His Lordship is his strength and energy to sit every day in Court from 9am to sometimes 6pm. His Lordship ensures that all the cases in the Court’s cause list are disposed off before he rises into his chambers and continue his administrative work.

His Lordship is time conscious and such disposition is out of this world. His Lordship sits at 9am on the dot, whether it rains or not. His Lordship, Ntong Ntong, J is by every standard, a role model, a living legal jurist and legend and an embodiment of Jurisprudence and legal discipline.

His Lordship has dedicated his life and knowledge to the legal profession and his contributions to both legal practice and judicial service are widely acclaimed.

On a lighter note, permit me to micmic with respect, His Lordship sitting on the Bench:

From all the evidence before me, I hereby pronounce His Lordship guilty of early aging. I hereby order His Lordship to have a fabulous birthday celebration in good health and prosperity.

(c) Harrison Essien

Judiciary Correspondent Uyo Akwa Ibom State 12/04/2023

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