Technology Will Not Take Your Job…Someone Using Technology Will


Let’s face it, digital transformation for the legal industry is here. The adoption of legaltech in varying forms in the legal industry is a pointer to this fact.

While some lawyers are stuck in the traditional ways of doing business for fear of technology taking over their jobs, others are leveraging technology to evolve into innovative law firms, attract more clients and build more trust with the existing ones.

The good news is: technology isn’t going to take your job. For one, no matter how powerful technology is, it will never be human. It does not have the creative and adversarial abilities required of a lawyer.

If you fail to adopt technology, the bad news is that competitors, who leverage technology, will take your job. The resulting augmented intelligence from the combined forces of their human intelligence and that of technology will give them the edge over you. Such technological advantage include:

Ability to meet clients’ changing expectations: Today’s clients take the path of least resistance to get the desired result. Leveraging technology in law firms can be the difference between just getting the job done and offering a great client experience. One of such changing expectations is the idea of working with a lawyer remotely; a law firm that is not technologically inclined, cannot offer remote services to its clients.

Legal research and drafting: Lawyers who know their onions no longer spend several billable hours combing through dozens of large books or law reports in search of legal authorities or precedents. They simply leverage legaltech resources such as LawPavilion Prime and Primsol to get thousands of results in minutes.

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Freeing up lawyers’ time so they can focus on more cerebral work: machines are faster than humans in completing tasks that are monotonous, repetitive, time-consuming and require little thought process such as in-house precedent management, document assembly of commonly required documents, generating checklists etc. Smart lawyers are leveraging technology to achieve these tasks to simplify and speed up work that in the past has been time and labour-intensive, to ensure service delivery is swift and efficient.

Case Management System: As a lawyer, you could draft the most compelling, well-reasoned legal documents in the world, but you are still going to run into serious problems if you have sloppy case management. Proper case management will ensure that everything is handled properly—from meeting deadlines, proper endorsement, billing and invoicing, to preserving key documents. Click here to try our CaseManager.

The advantages of technology are numerous, but now, you get the drift…technology favours the brave!

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