Why All Lawyers Should Register on the ‘JustEase Mobile App’ (Legal Directory)


The JustEase mobile app

The power of visibility cannot be underestimated especially when you’re seen on the right platform by those who need you, when and where you are needed the most.

Millions of Nigerians are consistently faced with various legal issues; a larger number of them do not have access to quality legal service delivery at their point of need. What can you do to change their narrative?

The JustEase mobile app features a legal directory. Much more than just providing information on the contacts and areas of expertise of lawyers, it gives the proximity details of the lawyer to the user.

We are bringing your clients several steps closer to you! Now, that’s the innovation!!

Claim your listing on our JustEase legal directory to help potential clients, search and find legal assistance through the button below.


Don’t just dream of making a difference, show up and make that difference!

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